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Tips to renovate on a budget

Focus on one project at a time Renovating a whole property can seem extremely overwhelming, especially if you try to tackle every individual project at the same time. By breaking up the renovation into different rooms and working on one at a time, it can help stop the project from becoming too big and if something comes up (e.g. illness, having to sell), you won’t be stuck with a property that is not complete and liveable. Prioritise curb appeal A buyer’s first impression of the property is vital, so if you have a limited budget you should prioritise renovating the front Garden. One of the great things about renovating the front Garden is that you can give the impression that you have spent more money than you actually have. Some low-cost improvements you can make include: fresh coat of paint, replace your letterbox, prune back trees and bushes, install solar lights, plant bright, colourful plants in the garden and hide eyesores such as bins and air conditioning uni…
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Diy tips for renovating your first property

Renovating your first property is exciting, but there are plenty of factors to consider to ensure the renovation does not go downhill. Everything from how much you can afford to spend to how much you should spend will need to be given careful consideration before beginning. Find the right location To give your renovation the best chance of improving a property’s value, you need to ensure you are buying in the right area. You need to identify the suburbs where renovations will work and where they won’t work. But how can you know which area will be best? Focus on a handful of suburbs and become an expert in these areas to get an idea of which would be best to renovate in. Have a look at past sales and rental yields for the past few months and also take into account the population growth and any developments that are planned for the near future. These factors will give you an idea of whether the area is growing or not. Create a budget If you have not renovated a pr…
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Find a stud in the wall without a stud finder

There are many home projects that require additional tools. It is commonly thought that you need to have a stud finder in order to find a stud in your drywall. But not all homeowners own a stud finder, and probably don't need one often enough to justify the purchase. Here are some tips for locating a stud the old-fashioned way. Before you go searching for studs, you should know some basic information about wall construction. Although every house is unique, there are some common similarities amongst most walls in homes. Most homes are built with 2x4 or 2x6 studs and studs can be found typically on the sides of windows or doors. Additionally, most outlets and light switches have a stud location on the right or left side. Lastly, any trim in the home (baseboards, crown molding, etc.) is usually nailed to a stud. Now that you have that base knowledge, let’s show you some tips on finding a stud without a stud finder. Magnets This method may seem a bit unorthodox but it work…
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